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Recipe for Inspiration
Czech Republic
What better way to get started on any project by reflecting on the ingredients of what inspires you. You won't need a passport to travel through your imagination. Transforming your designing ideas will take you anywhere around the world and create the look you desire right in the comforts of your own home. The faded picture above is the backdrop of an old broken wall with the original brick structure creating dimensions of neglect.
Old World Style
When searching for a theme to create the illusion of a greater space in a dining room, and at the same time complimenting some of your favorite ideas, the love of cooking may be one of them. Perhaps you would like to create the feeling of having dinner in front of a brick oven. How about displaying a few copper collections and mixing them with a visual taste of Napa Valley. What do we do with the walls?
Looking back at the old picture above, though more complex, time consuming and dramatic, this surface design was ideal. Using a Lime Stone plaster and multiple techniques will create a sense of composition and depth. The physical details of the wall rely on the appearance and recreation of the weathered texture in its natural state. The finish is mastered by a precise eye and a skillful use of colored glazes in all the right places.