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Your Artistic Style
Venetian Plaster
Painting is one of the fastest ways to change the feeling of a room. Decorative painting takes your ideas to a higher level of richness. It brings out your creativity, personality and the courage for change in an adventurous way.
As a visual artist, the ability to generate images play a vital role in decision-making. The knowledge and ability to experiment on fine finishes builds a strong foundation between designer and home owner. It allows us to push the limits and express ourselves, bringing the theory of art into our homes. 
For some of us the fear of choosing a color or design is a mind boggling decision. To reduce the fear and intimidation, choose a color from one of your favorite pieces in your own home. It may help translate and define your ideas.
When choosing a decorative design like Venetian Plaster or Faux finishes, custom furniture, cabinetry or just freshening old antiques, Fine Lines of Color Inc. can help by creating samples in the colors and textures you desire for a full effect.