Fine Lines of Color Inc. - Professional Painting at its Best
Milan Kamenicky
Thank you for allowing me to introduce you to Fine Lines of color Inc.
Our services range from Custom Painting, Faux and Textured Finishes, Decorative Effects, Venetian and Lime Plasters, Refinishing of Cabinetry, Furniture and Antiques.
The Look of Elegance Just Feels Right
Owner, Milan Kamenicky, born and raised in Central Europe and surrounded by old town squares, villages and authentic landscapes.  
I understand centuries of weathered architecture and I am dedicated to creating the natural appearance of our home and bringing it into yours. Years ago as a tour bus driver I have traveled and visited Prague, Vienna, Udine, Venice, Bibione, Brindisi and more. When I came to the United States for the first time and started painting I never understood using the word "old world" to describe an appearance of an old century exterior building because this natural aging process was just a normal appearance in our everyday living.
I don't think we actually appreciated how beautiful it really is because we associated this broken charm with our history and what we didn't have. Between the texture of the cement on the buildings and the numerous layers of paint, snow, rain, sun and just simply the lack of attention has created this "old world " look that we visually desire so much today.
With our busy schedules I feel we need to find a comforting atmosphere where we don't need to travel far to find ourselves relaxing in our own homes and enjoying our own creations. Faux Finishes, Venetian Plasters and Distressed Textures with the proper application simulate a long term effect of aging therefore adding history without waiting centuries.
Many people spend hours in trade school learning the art and design of fine finishes and decorative painting, mixing colors and creating textures and others are just inspired naturally by hand and eye. Art is an expression of one's self. It is the intimate and personal expression of an incredible piece of work.